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One of the last traditional Punch
and Judy puppet theatres (teatro
dei burattini) in Rome.
Del Giudice-Tuttle Collection

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Music libraries at all major Universities contain sound recordings of Italian music and therefore are not listed here. Here instead, we list only sound recordings of traditional and popular music, and oral histories.

UCLA Ethnomusicology Archives
1630 Schoenberg Music Building
Box 951657
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1657
Tel: (310) 825-1695
Fax: (310) 206-4738

Both the Italian Oral History Institute Collection and the Luisa Del Giudice and Edward (Fowler) Tuttle Music Collection 1950-2000, are in the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive. The IOHI Collection contains oral histories, radio interviews, and videotapes of past public program music events (concerts, music and dance workshops, interviews with musicians and dancers). The LDG EFT Collection contains Italian regional traditional music recordings, field recordings, revival labels (e.g., Albatros, Fonit-Cetra), in a variety of media. Finding Aid:

The UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive is among the largest ethnographic sound recording archives in North America, with non-commercial field recordings and commercially produced recordings of traditional, folk, popular, and art musics from around the world.

Luisa Del Giudice recording oral histories
in Puglia. Sound recordings in the
Del Giudice-Tuttle Collection

A cappella singing in the Gargano area
of Puglia. Italian folklife photograph
in the Del Giudice-Tuttle Collection

Italia, vol.1, Del Giudice-Tuttle Collection

La ciapa rusa, Del Giudice-Tuttle Collection