Supporters & Volunteers
This Web Site was active until 2009 and is no longer updated. It now represents an archived site

Supporters & Volunteers

We sincerely thank our long list of student and community volunteers who collected data, took photographs, offered advice, or helped publicize, and to special contributors who wrote entries* (authorÝs name included with text):

Tiziana Alessandro Mitchell
Donna Angiuli
Fr. Giovanni Bizzotto, C.S.
Claudia Brazzale
Serena Camozzo
Roberto Catalano
Clara Celati
Anna Silvia Carla Chiaratti
Peter Chinnici
Mary Ciuffitelli
Lisa Clark
Don and Henrietta Cosentino
Judy Cromwell
Frank DeSantis
Shan Emanuelli
Phillip Ethington
Tina Fanelli
Stefano Ferro
Stefano Finazzo
Guido Fink
Teresa Fiore
Maria Teresa Fiumerodo
Maria Guadalupe Garrido
Erin Glenn
Arthur Gribben
Consuelo Griggio*
Martha Groves
Thomas Harrison
Vivian Hay
Meri Di Lorenzo Howard
Michael Owen Jones
Evan Kleiman
Ronald Kraus
Rosa Langley
Gloria Ricci Lothrop*
Rachel Mahon*
Elizabeth Mathias
Media 8
Jean Cirrito Melley*
Michela Merlo*
Anton Minard
Silvia Orvietani Busch
Patrizia Paiar
Russ Parsons
Rubens Piovano
Paolo Prolo
Colin Quigley
Anthea Beckler Raymond
Lisa Richardson
Mario Romiti
Daniela Roveda
Kenneth Scambray*
Cary Schneider
Monica Maria Seefeldt
Joseph A. Serbaroli, Jr.*
Rosa Serratore
Sarah Swenson (author of musicantica photo in the banner)
Joseph Tamb╦
Timothy Tangherlini
Peter Tokofsky
Alessandro Trojani
Edward F. Tuttle*
Elena D. Tuttle
Giulia D. Tuttle
Susan Van Ellen
Filippo Voltaggio
Ruth Wallach
Sarah Walzer

We also acknowledge the following for various forms of in-kind support for this project:

  • Serena Camozzo, Istituto Italiano di Cultura
  • Cultural Management Project, Laura Pasquale
  • Ethnomusicology Archive, UCLA, Maureen Russell, John Vallier
  • Los Angeles Times , Cary Schneider, News Research Manager
  • Marlborough School Library, Kathleen Brown, Librarian
  • World Arts & Cultures Dept., UCLA, Prof. Patrick Polk, Prof. Peter Tokofsky
  • Dept. of Anthropology, Cal. State, Northridge, Prof. Sabina Magliocco
  • Dept. of Italian, Cal. State, Long Beach, Profs. Carlo Chiarenza, Prof. Teresa Fiore
  • Italy-American Chamber of Commerce-West, Inc., Paola De Mari, Pierluigi Biasiolo