Facilitation of Public Programs

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Beijing Circle, coordinator and facilitator of first ongoing Beijing Circle (interfaith) in Los Angeles, with the Rev’d Joanne Leslie (2008-2009). “Beijing Circle” make reference to the 1985 “Beijing Platform for Action” of the World Women’s Congress, addressing issues of equality, development and peace affecting women worldwide (St. Alban’s).

“Beijing Circles” Workshop, with the Rev’d. Joanne Leslie, September 27, 2008 – introduction to the “Beijing Circles” process, its resources, its goals, and engagement in a Beijing Circle practicum (St. Alban’s)

“Listening Globally, Acting Locally: The Beijing Circles Summit, New York, 2008,” with the Rev’d. Joanne Leslie, April 21, 2008 – Working on behalf of the Beijing Platform for Action (and the UN Millennium Goals, which disproportionately affect women globally), and working for positive change in our own communities. Description of the Beijing Circle process, its resources, its goals (St. Alban’s)

“Spiritual Listening,” Spiritual advisor to women at New Directions (for homeless women veterans)